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Thread: Solara Homme

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    Question Solara Homme

    I'm curious to know more about this one.
    Does anyone know the notes ? Is it similar to another fragrance ?
    Hednic, I am hoping you will read this and enlighten us !!!'s not listed on the basenotes directory.
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    Default Re: Solara Homme

    Yeah he talks about this one as the best cheapie all the time. hednic has very wide-ranging tastes so it could be anything!

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    Default Re: Solara Homme

    I just checked the Lomani website and they give a detailed explanation of the female version but nothing abut the men's version which is not even listed. Now there are many vendors selling the men's version on Amazon but no description and I think their prices (hovering at $20) are too high, I paid $10 net in the NYC wholesale district brand new a few years ago which was a steal for the quality. I don't have the best nose to discern notes so I won't attempt to mislead. What I can say is that it is woody and spicy but not overly. Sorry not much help here, but I do like it. Here's the Lomani link which is hard to find through a net search:

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    Thanks for your help hednic. I will try this one out !
    " Only wimps swim with the current "

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