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    Default Acqua di Parma Profumo

    I've been meaning to share my love of this wonderful perfume for quite a while.

    Now I'm a great lover of the best of traditional, classic, French, floral perfume, the extremely feminine ones, many of which have the epithet 'old ladies perfume' attached to them. I am also a lover of the chypres of the past, so this is the background with which I came to this perfume. I bought it blind, based on the similarity to Amouage Jubilation 25 and it was an instant hit.

    Profumo goes back to the 30s but was relaunched in 2000 and I have never experienced the vintage version. The original was very much a traditional chypre with lots of oakmoss. Any comparison between the two versions really doesn't matter to me. This is what AdP is producing now and this is what I'll be using.

    The notes are simple and few:
    Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Peony
    Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Labdanum, Iris
    Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk, Patchouli, Amber

    Despite the relatively few official notes, this is a stylish, sophisticated perfume which envelops the wearer in a warm haze of flowers. The notes are blended in a wonderfully harmonious way and the result feels more complex than it should be on paper. The dry down is absolutely beautiful, woody with multiple notes clearly discernible. This is not a sweet perfume, yet it is warm and inviting. It lingers on the skin and projects softly at close quarters.

    You might realize by this, that I cannot identify the bright, lasting key note that dominates this lovely creation, but I just love it. It is hauntingly lovely, a note from a strange garden, unmistakeably floral, though nothing I have ever encountered in real life. It may be labdanum, which I am not sufficiently familiar with to identify for certain.

    This is the same note that dominates the gorgeous Jubilation 25. Lots of people have commented that J25 and Profumo are so similar as to be twins. That is not really so, in my experience. Jubilation 25 starts off quite tart with a strong blast of citrus and tarragon. Profumo is far different in its opening, being dominated by bergamot and peony. J25 feels more complex, less linear, more inclined to reveal its individual notes during the dry down. The notes, also, are very different.

    Jubilation 25 has:
    Tarragon, rose, lemon, ylang ylang
    Rose, labdanum, frankincense, davana
    Musk, amber, vetiver, myrrh, patchouli

    So, yes, the base notes are very similar and they have ylang ylang and labdanum in common.

    Profumo is beguiling, soft, and classy, in much the way that Madame Rochas struck me as so classy when I first smelled it on a friend 40 years ago. It is made from excellent ingredients, is strongly individual and memorable. It would make a lovely signature scent, albeit, a fairly expensive one.

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    Default Re: Acqua di Parma Profumo

    Which one do you have? The one released in 2000 comes in a maroon box w/ silver sprayer and smells mossier and drier. Of course the oakmoss is a factor in its desirability, but the new one imo is just as great overall, and perhaps a little more approachable(?). It has a clear cap w/ a gold sprayer and comes in an ivory box.

    Anyway, glad you like it, I love it too. And don't fret over not smelling the real 30s "vintage", I've NEVER seen one, and never heard of anyone who has. When you see online conversations about "vintage" Profumo they aren't referring to the REAL vintage, but the one from 2000. HTH.

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    Default Re: Acqua di Parma Profumo

    oops double post

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    Default Re: Acqua di Parma Profumo

    I have the current formulation in the ivory box. As I said, I am so happy with this version that I have no interest in any earlier version. This perfume is in a class of its own, smells expensive and is totally classy. It is to perfume what the best of Italian leather is to shoes and handbags.

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