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    Default Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    Hi, I recently puchased a chanel no 19 35ml edp on internet and it turned out to be a fake. i suspected it as soon as i opened the cap as the smell was off and not at all what you would expect from a chanel fragrance.
    I am uploading photos with explanation for those who thought smaller sizes were safe to purchase
    fake perfume is the one in middle
    a.fake carton says vaporisateur natural
    b.doesn't give detail of ingredients
    c.doesn't say 'chanel paris' and 'chanel new york, N.Y.'
    d.way of writing barcode is different

    fake bottle is on the left side. Note the difference between these two packages

    fake on left side. Note that fake label can't be read from inside

    fake on right side
    though the bottom of fake bottle was ingraved (not a sticker), we can see the difference between the ingravings. also the bottle comes with batch code 7119 ingaved in the bittle and the carton

    very well made fake indeed.

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    Default Re: Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    Thank you for the update. This is dispelling the notion that only larger sizes are faked.
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    Default Re: Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    Have you smelled it though? Reason I say this is because most the differences you noted are to be expected when comparing two completely different scents, bottle styles, sizes, and production dates.

    Also, I see both "vaporisateur naturel" and "vaporizador natural", neither of which are misspelled.

    The thing that stands out the most about fake Chanels is the smell. If you know what it should smell like, I'd encourage you to test it.

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    Default Re: Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    You are right that most distinct feature of fake chanel is smell. I did smell the perfume and even waited a long time so see if it changes for good. But it smelled like floor cleaner. "vaporisateur naturel" is spelled correctly, but real chanel fragrances never say "natural". Also the list of ingredients doesn't give a detailed list.
    These differences are also noted in many guides for recognising fake chanel.
    But i'll head to your advise, so i have ordered a sample vial of no 19 for comparision.

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    Default Re: Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    "vaporizador natural" is absolutely the correct spelling. It's not French, it's Spanish. Also, the "guides" for determining fake Chanel all originate from one source and it's not 100% accurate, plus much of the info is wrt vintage bottles, and many generalizations are made that don't apply to all cases. Not to say it's not a valuable guide, but I wouldn't call it a Bible.

    Just curious, have you ever smelled it before?

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    Default Re: Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    Quote Originally Posted by anu View Post
    But i'll head to your advise, so i have ordered a sample vial of no 19 for comparision.
    Make sure that the sample vial is the EDP - the EDT, EDP, and parfum are very different for No. 19.

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    Default Re: Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    Forgive me I know that this is a zombie thread but this looks like an old version of the atomiser that was sold as a duty free product; you might want to check this with Chanel directly. It reminds me of something that my mother bought for herself on trips to Europe, and I'm pretty certain that they wouldn't have sold fakes on North Sea Ferries or on any of the main European airlines.

    The shape looks right from recollection, and the juice was slightly greenish when new. 35ml would have been just over a fluid ounce and that sounds about right.

    Ultimately you need to compare this to a known sample, but I know that Chanel's bar coding and product range changed sometime in the 1980s. This would have been sometime from 1970's - 1980's, sadly I can't give you an exact date but that would have been about the time we would have been traveling together.

    It isn't misspelled, simply you are looking at a variety of languages - if there are different ingredients then it's more than likely to be an older formulation, as oakmoss etc are being phased out.
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    Default Re: Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    This is indeed and old thread. I just wanted to add that I, too, see nothing wrong with the packaging. Both box and bottle look kosher to me.
    Your bottle was probably around 15 years old when you acquired it, and the juice may have deteriorated significantly.

    ...not that I think Anu will ever see this.

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    Default Re: Fake chanel no 19 35ml edp

    Thanks for your response - I've lurked a while and think that sometimes it is useful to comment on older threads because younger experts may not have seen all the variations of packaging and therefore dismiss a real item as a counterfeit product very easily.

    I don't know if it exists already but it would be really useful if any and all of us who have authentic Chanel bottles and packaging from the various eras to create a history thread but I guess there is the counterargument that this could also infringe copyright or encourage the very thing we're trying to discourage.
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