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    Default Marketplace rules revised- please read

    To start a thread in the marketplace you must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • You are a supporting member
    • You have been a member for over a year
    • You have made over 500 posts (members we feel are posting purely to reach this threshold will have their post count reduced)

    Bumping once per week is permitted. So you can bump on 10/7 and again on 10/14 for example. Those who post an item, sell it, and then immediately post another will also be moderated as this circumvents the rules. The marketplace has made available thousands of great fragrance exchanges and sales with relatively few problems. Some, however, have been somewhat too aggressive in attempting to continually place their threads at the "top" of the board so as to get increased exposure for their offerings. These actions will be moderated so as to give all members an equal chance to make a sale or swap.

    Only one sale thread per member per board is allowed. Please remove your threads when done as it is your obligation to do so. Failure to do so will cause multiple thread violations. Please set your date range option to 75 days as that is what we will use as a criteria.

    Please do not use the marketplace threads for chats, as these posts also bump threads in violation of the rules. Please correspond by PM's. Responses such as "I am sorry I missed that bottle" or "Wow, that's a great price" etc. are considered "chatting" in the marketplace and bump the thread needlessly. At this time we can consider the approved "split" threads as an exception to the 'posting in the thread' rule. Threads may be updated without bumping, through the edit feature, and using the subject line to add information like "current as of 31 May" or "updated 31 May."

    Please remember that auction type sales are not allowed as the site is not yet prepared to become a mini-Ebay. Please post prices with all sales, otherwise your thread will be considered an auction. Links to Ebay or other auction sites are not allowed.

    Many members ask for the "gift" option to be selected when receiving payments by Paypal. It then appears that Basenotes condones such requests with which Paypal might understandably have a problem. In addition, choosing the gift option eliminates the ability to file a complaint on a deal gone bad. Basenotes is therefore initiating a policy of not allowing the public request of such an option.

    Please post prices with all sales, otherwise your thread will be considered an auction." IN ADDITION: Prices must be reasonable as opposed to a member asking for $1,000,000 in an obvious attempt to get around the "no auction" rule. Marketplace links in signatures are allowed (only by members who have met marketplace posting requirements), as long as the size of the signature adheres to the site rules. Marketplace offerings and requests are NOT allowed outside the marketplace.

    Although it can't be made a rule, it is strongly advised that bottles should not be shipped in envelopes. A member recently received a broken bottle in a swap and his bottle was also returned broken as they were both shipped in envelopes. It is just common sense to use boxes and proper packing materials for bottles.

    Geographic restrictions should be in all thread titles so as to eliminate time-consuming searches that result in a dead end.

    Please use the feedback method of evaluating deals. Basenotes assumes no responsibility for deals gone bad. Multiple reports of fraud will be dealt with by the moderators.

    Please remove sold or swapped items as they would otherwise create false searches.

    Thanks in advance for your continued cooperation.
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