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    Default Birthday treats :)

    Once again its my birthday (34)


    Ck Obsession, Ck One, YSL Rive Gauche, Quorum , YSL Kouros, Mugler A*Men, Boss Bottled, Dior Homme, Terre D'Hermes.

    Will try to add to the collection... but i think i'm an oversprayer lucky if they last me a year!

    Anyway I'm super excited about these frags

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Very nice frags you got there, brother! Happy birthday!

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    happy birthday fellow scorpio!

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Good line-up, variety. Happy Birthday to you and may you always stay fragrant.

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Love the TdH and Rive Gauche. Good picks.

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your finds.

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Happy birthday. Very nice designer haul
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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Happy Birthday! Nice haul as well. Especially liking the Boss Bottled and A*Men, those are 2 of my favorites.

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    cool for your less than a year what you mean when you say oversprayer? in the morning and in the afternoon something like that?

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Happy belated which one did you wear? :-)

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Wow, sweet B-day haul. Congrats on acquiring some great new frags. You'll be enjoying them for a good amount of time I'm sure!

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    Default Re: Birthday treats :)

    Good for you! Enjoy them all!
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