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    Default For my Birthday?

    Today is my 29th. I'd like to treat myself to a fragrance. I have 2 in mind.

    By Kilian Prelude to Love
    By Kilian Cruel Intention

    I can only get one. I'm leaning more towards Prelude, but I'd like to hear other's thoughts too.

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    Default Re: For my Birthday?

    I much preffered Cruel Intentions to be honest. I only sampled Prelude to Love a couple of times and I can't remember much about it other than rating it 3 stars and putting it on the 'not interested in' list. I would happily obtain some Cruel Intentions if I had the means to do so.

    And...Happy Birthday!
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    Default Re: For my Birthday?

    Happy Birthday! Either one would be fine IMO.

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    Default Re: For my Birthday?

    Cruel Intentions

    Happy Birthday!

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    Default Re: For my Birthday?

    Cruel Intentions it is!

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

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