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    Default Article: How to play Perfume Commercial Cliché Bingo

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    Default Re: Article: How to play Perfume Commercial Cliché Bingo

    Man, it upsets me when a good song is used for perfume commercials with models I don't personally care for. But ehhh, whatever. I like the Acque di Gioia commercial tbh. I think another criteria point is use a pop/electronica song for the commercial.
    edit: whoops, saw that in one of the points just now.

    I think some "high point" scoring commercials would also be Britney Spears' Fantasy and Curious commercials.
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    Staring outside a window with hands/body stuck to it like Spiderman or like a gecco.

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    Oh no, this is going to eat into even more of the time which I haven't got.

    It's actually interesting to use the Pitt / No 5 advert here, because it proves that it does avoid quite a few cliches, except perhaps the breathy narration and the dim lighting.

    I'd like to submit the original Eternity For Men advert. I think it probably ticks 10 or 11.

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    "Having sex with someone invisible" is genius.

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    Its mostly the designer stuff with the sleazy don't see this crap on with Le Labo or what ever...

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    Maybe we could add gold jewellery/dresses as this seems to be an ongoing theme in getting people to believe they are buying into something high end?

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    i love the "hugging a big bottle" bit.

    oy vey...

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    My absolute favourite advert for a perfume is the new one for Valentina by Valentino, which really only has the dim lighting (in its defence, it is set at night). It's actually the reason I went out to smell the perfume in the first place, which an advertisement for a perfume has never made me do before!

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    Striking how original Basenotes' fave Mandom turns out to be. By my reckoning, it gets a low 3 1/2 - the half being for the girly leap he makes as he throws his shirt away. How many commercials feature gun shots and neighing? Genius.

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    Eyes being closed seems to feature a lot too

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