I have been a fan of this for years but recently started wearing it again ( I have two bottles in stock) and realized that this, more than any other, synthesizes three of my favorite scents--Heritage, Bois du Portugal and Zino--okay, I'll even throw in Knize Ten--into a wonderful woody, leathery masterpiece.

Released in the 90s by Colonia distributors, it was only sold, to my knowledge, at the legendary 21 Club in NYC. Just thinking about it makes me want to order a Martini. I first bought it there but also bought several botles for a song at Marshalls a few years back and am down to two. It is no longer available at the restaurant but I found this description from an online seller:

"The ‘21’ Club starts out woody and strong...but great! It has good quality, warmth, and staying power. It starts off the top with honey and florals, but the heart clearly is strewn with solid wood. The lush mossy dry down has a trace of civet mixed in, to make this a most potent, sexy, and complex fragrance. It is spicy wood and creamy, but also contains thick florals and a definite animalic base. This one’s for the fan of vintage oakmoss fragrances.'

I have no idea who developed this scent which is clearly very high quality and classy, just like 21 itself. Colonia Inc., Distributors seem to have also distributed Camp Beverly Hills fragrances.

Dose anyone else have and love this? I would love to know the backstory as to how it was developed!