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    Default Chinese Replica Fragrance Company

    I just stumbled across this website and thought I'd share it. I dont know if any of you already know about this but I thought it was interesting and worrying at the same time.
    This is a link to their "about us" section of the website:

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    Default Re: Chinese Replica Fragrance Company

    It is interesting, I wonder about the legality of something like this (bearing in mind that they're in China and I'm in the US, so I'm sure they're under different laws and I don't know much about that sort of thing.)

    As far as I know, "knock offs" as long as they don't try to pass as the real thing (like those drug store "interpretations" of high-end perfumes) are OK (as long as they don't run afoul of trademarks...for instance they couldn't legally have the Chanel logo on them.) This site however seems to be at the very least hinting strongly that their products are intended to be mistaken for the real thing. So while manufacturing them may or may not be illegal, selling them almost certainly is. (The company may or may not be able to get away with it since they are advertising them as replicas- but if you were to buy them for resale you'd be in serious trouble I'd bet.)

    That's my (very limited) understanding of it, I'm really interested to see what other people have to say about it.

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    Default Re: Chinese Replica Fragrance Company

    If they have good replicas and increasing production they will sooner or later be found more and more on ebay (they already are I guess) and the question is if grey market internet shops that were safe till now will be so in future. I guess it is just a matter of time...

    Hey, anyone willing to buy replicas from there and make side by side comparison?

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    Default Re: Chinese Replica Fragrance Company

    Counterfeits! Brazen counterfeits! LOL. They're IDENTICAL to the real thing. Hahahahaha!

    Of course, these will be resold as the real thing! I'm just surprised that they're not even bothering to hide the fact. That's a new one.

    Their web setup seems almost identical to at least two other counterfeit sites that I became aware of. Those sites, however, advertised themselves as selling the real thing, albeit for ridiculous prices ($30-35), and make no mention of a China connection. Perhaps they're the same people, backing up under pressure from manufacturer scrutiny, into a newer modus operandi. I wouldn't be surprised if those other sites got shut down with some of the recent federal actions against counterfeiters.

    I sure wouldn't buy any of these. The companies would have every right to have the products seized in customs when they crossed a border. I mean, I would love to smell them for comparison purposes, but really......

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    Assuming they're not lying, they've presumably shipped a ton of merch for a long time.

    For long time,We put our hearts to super high replica bussness, In speciality,we have found a 50-persons team for Design research and development department to care about our quality and product detail and make sure every replica product reach mix the false with the genuine.
    Yeah, I saw one of their "design team" in Saks, photographing the latest Chanel bags. It's pretty easy to tell the working girls from the fangrls, sadly.

    Seriously, they kicked a counterfeit kiosk out of one mall here in town, but two years later, the problem is even worse. I was in a very big leather shop today, in a different mall, and it was filled with counterfeit Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein merch. This is a highly respected upscale mall, too. Sad.

    Intellectual property is dead. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
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    Default Re: Chinese Replica Fragrance Company

    I'm not sure about other countries but here in Australia the penalties for selling counterfeit perfumes are heavy. I think its a $10,000 fine and 2 years jail per offence so if one bottle equals one offence then someone is going to be in deep shit!
    Every now and then there's a major fake perfume bust on the news, usually originating from china and the juice in the bottles is usually poor quality, some say it smells like cat piss lol.
    It would be interesting to order a bottle from this mob just to check them out but at the same time I wouldnt want to risk getting accused of importing fakes!

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    Default Re: Chinese Replica Fragrance Company

    Quite often the way it works is that brands or labels come into Asia for cheap manufacturing and then label the goods back in Europe or US - we know that, the whole decimation of the workforce in the West etc. What a lot of people don't realise is that these corporations will decide after a year or two that they can get cheaper labour in Vietnam than Malaysia, Indonesia than China or even just switching from the southern and coastal provinces in China to the interior. So factories have been set up, machines put in place, and a labour force trained up and then 'poof' the brand takes it's business elsewhere. And quite often the factory owners figure thay might just as well keep manufacturing and either go the fake route, or (in some cases) create a new 'label' for a sports shoes or whatever and sell that.

    It's still counterfeiting and illegal etc. etc. but it is, more often than not, a by product of corporations shopping round for the absolute cheapest labour on the planet. Eastern Europe has picked up some of the slack over the last few years but I really wonder how they can work cheaper than China - although, with the legitimate money China has made through manufacturing and exporting US & European brands back to the West income expectations are rising, standard of living has gone up etc. so maybe not such a surprise.

    That said, it's mainly fashion and electronics goods - I really haven't seen knock off perfumes anywhere in the markets.

    The ultimate irony may be that with the economy going the way it is that Europe and the States may actually be more cost effective for manufacturing - i.e. a cheaper labour force - than China. Nikes neing made in the USA . . . full circle

    It's a funny old world.

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