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    Default Room Air Freshner Spray

    Looking for few good receipe's for Water Base & also Oil Base Room Spray.It can be in the form of Pressurized Spray Can Or Pump Based Spray.Need Help in Choosing right Solvents,Solubilizers & Stablizers for both Water & Oil based formulations.

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    Best solvent all round is Carbitol (Diethylene Glycol mono Ethyl Ether), although this is not liked in some countries. For a non aqueous system, I would suggest iso Par, or possibly Dowanol. Carbitol will work with water based systems although, depending on the concentration of fragrance it may still need some solubiliser such as polysorbate 20. This may cause frothing. BHT is useful as a preservative.

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    Default Re: Room Air Freshner Spray

    Dear Mr David,
    Abourt formulation for Room Air Freshner spray, Can I use the same aroma to the aroma diffuser or the perfumer
    need to change something?
    Do you have any suggestions of base and percentage of fragrance?
    I would appreciate your help.
    I got a room spray of Jo Malone and I loved it.The quality is far superior

    Best Regards and have a nice day!!

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    If you want you can just make an alcoholic solution of any fragrance and use it as a Room Spray. The usual concentration is between 2.0% and 5.0%. The usual restriction on the formula is price. Carbitol will work, or a mixture of DPG and Carbitol and ethanol.

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    Default Re: Room Air Freshner Spray

    Thanks for help. For DPG,Carbitol and ethanol do you have any suggestion for ethanol and carbitol , maybe 50% of each?

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    Default Re: Room Air Freshner Spray

    Try it and see. There is never a simple answer as everything depends on everything else.

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    Default Re: Room Air Freshner Spray

    ok. Thanks for help me.

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    Default Re: Room Air Freshner Spray

    Dear Mr David,
    I come here to request your advice again.
    I am trying to find essences to SOAP bar
    I've tried two houses of fragrance. The essences are expensive, however, in the bath
    the SOAP bar does not release any fragrance. I use 100% vegetable noodle.
    Pressed SOAP. Is there any raw material that should or not put in essence to release fragrăncia?
    I appreciate what you can help me.
    Best Regards,
    Nilda Potter

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    Default Re: Room Air Freshner Spray

    There is no point in buying any fragrance of the shelf and putting it into any end product to choose. Fragrances are designed for each end product. If the fragrances you have bought were designed for soap and they don't work, then they are not good fragrances and the house that created them is not good. Try somewhere else, a house with a better reputation. As you are not going to create your own fragrances (that is what I understand) there is no point in telling you those ingredients that work in soap. Once again, I repeat, I will not give you a formula.

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    Default Re: Room Air Freshner Spray

    Thanks Mr David. I try another house

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    Default Re: Room Air Freshner Spray

    If yo want to buy a Soap fragrance; then ask for a Soap fragrance.

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