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Thread: Vintage M7

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    Default Vintage M7

    hey guys !
    top of the day to you

    i brought m7 about 4 months back, based on reviews, bn etc, brought it blind to be precise.
    let me just say, love from the first spray
    i can think of it everyday, spraying it, just sniffing it, its "the one" for me

    was on the lookout for the vintage version, couldnt find it locally so brought another reformulated version 50ml for about 43$
    kinda gave up hope but then i saw it on ebay, the seller has good rating has sold them in the past as well, the condition describes it as new, so im assuming it will be with the seal, correct ?

    now my question is what if the seller hasnt stored it properly, for eg kept it exposed to light non optimal temperatures, with the seal etc being on and with it being in the box, what are the chances of it gone bad ?

    i know its a risk, but i cant help take it, the prize is too darn tempting !
    its avaliable for about 120$ shipped, worth it ? (i hope it is :P)

    plus im in india and he's shipping from U.K, does anybody have the same experience ?
    what are the odds of shipping being not proper, me ending up paying extra, how does that happen ?
    i heard somewhere that sending it as a gift or something helps avoid extra charges, can anyone enlighten me please as i have never ordered from ebay before

    Thanks a bunch for your time, i will anticipate your replies

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    Default Re: Vintage M7

    I own all the incarnations of M7. The vintage, reformulated in the clear bottle with red sticker on the back, and M7 Oud Absolu. I think that the vintage and reformulated version are very close. The vintage may have a slightly more animalistic vibe, but it does not warrant a triple digit price tag IMHO. Then again, if you're an M7 fanatic then I guess the vintage is a must have. I just think that $120 can be spent on something else rather than a fragrance you already have 2 bottles of, albeit every so slightly different due to reformulation.
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    Default Re: Vintage M7

    When I asked at an YSL counter recently, I was informed that M7 has never been reformulated, simply that they had changed the bottle design and packaging.
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    Default Re: Vintage M7

    Quote Originally Posted by david View Post
    When I asked at an YSL counter recently, I was informed that M7 has never been reformulated, simply that they had changed the bottle design and packaging.
    They won't admit it, it's in accordance with their interests.
    As one smells the vintage and compares to the current version, it can be noticed that it's reformulated.
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    The vintage is smoother, richer, projects throughout its scent-life, and lasts longer (16+ hours on my skin) compared to the 1st reformulation.

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    Default Re: Vintage M7

    With any incarnation of this scent, you are a winner IMO.

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    Default Re: Vintage M7

    Worthy of a purchase, at any rate.

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    Default Re: Vintage M7

    It's a true shame when a masterpiece is re-formulated. A real shame.

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    Default Re: Vintage M7

    I have owned both versions. Although there is a slight difference in the first two formulations, the price is of the vintage is not worth it if you already have the second formulation, seriously. As to your question of the ebay seller, I have heard from several members here on BN that he is legit, as I almost bought a bottle from him in the past. Seriously though, I agree with mesaboogie, if you already have 2 bottles of the first reformulation, I wouldnt spend the $ on the vintage, you wont be very impressed in the difference. You really have to take into account that people here on BN love to jump on the reformulation bandwagon and really can blow this topic out of proportion. Even with the vintage, projection and longevity are about the same for me, and the scent is exactly the same.

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    I've worn both of my vintage and reformulated version in the 40-50 degree weather a couple of times this fall season, and the vintage has much better projection and longevity. I'm sure the reformulated version won't do well in the freezing weather / winter season. Also, the reformulated version has a sharp opening, which I'm not a fan of.

    Is it worth getting a 100 ml vintage M7 bottle for $100-150? Absolutely.

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    Default Re: Vintage M7

    If you like the dry woody and resinous elements (and not the sweet, sweet vanilla-amber) of the drydown, give the new flanker M7 Oud Absolu a try. I like it better as I'm not a fan of that much amber.

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