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    Default Best Winter Office Scent 2012...

    Hey Guys,

    As Winter is upon us, so is my annual debate as to what will constitute my winter wardrobe (you'd think this would get easier each year!).

    I have a large collection (49 bottles is large to me!) yet each Winter I always face a struggle in trying to choose a suitable warm office scent.

    Suitable options in collection are herewith;

    Amber Pour Homme Intense - Prada (I love this, but is it suited for the office?)
    Dior Homme Intense - Christian Dior (Another one I like, but feel awkward wearing this at work)
    French Lover - EDP Frederic Malle (Nice scent, poor longevity, especially given the extremely high price)
    Black Jeans - Versace (Nice, very linear and mature)
    The One Gentleman - D&G (Nice, lacks staying power and slightly one dimensional to my nose)
    Beckham Pour Homme - David Beckham (new to my collection and surprisingly good)
    CH - Carolina Herrera (new to my collection, more suited to younger crowd?)
    Individuel - Mont Blanc (new to my collection, nice but a bit tame)

    Looking at the above list or at the other fragrances in my wardrobe, I'd really appreciate some suggestions and bear in mind I work closely with people in a formal environment.
    I'm 31 years old, so I do veer more towards the sophisticated, dark, mysterious fragrances, although for the summer my staple are; Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford and also PE by Channel.

    I wore Prada APHI most of last winter together with Black Jeans, but I always felt (rightly or wrongly) as though they both were too intimate (especially APHI) for an office environment, even though I do thoroughly enjoy APHI.

    Appreciate your thoughts guys!


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    Default Re: Best Winter Office Scent 2012...

    I'd go with either Dior Homme Intense or French Lover

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    Default Re: Best Winter Office Scent 2012...

    I prefer wearing DHI at night, and prefer DH for office.

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    Default Re: Best Winter Office Scent 2012...

    French Lover. DHI runner up.

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    Default Re: Best Winter Office Scent 2012...

    After trying Gucci PH II a few would definitely be my office scent.

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    Default Re: Best Winter Office Scent 2012...

    ^^^ +1 ...GPHII is really a perfect office scent
    Currently wearing: Green Irish Tweed by Creed

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    Default Re: Best Winter Office Scent 2012...

    Dior Homme (not Intense)

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