I'm not questioning if this is genuine, just bought it at Nordstrom's and it smells AMAZING and I'm in LOVE with it (Trish McEvoy No. 9)

My question is, (and feel free to tell me I'm being paranoid! I quite literally do have OCD and my attention to detail is astounding at times) does this sprayer look OK to you guys? It is the screw on/off kind (I accidentally unscrewed it trying to get the clear top off the first time, that part fits TIGHT! I was unprepared for it lol.) I've taken it off and put it back on a couple times to make sure it's on tight, and it is. It's got what looks like dings in it (I'm guessing from the machine that puts the top on the bottle) and there's a gap between the cap and the bottle (which doesn't show in the pictures I find but that could really depend on the angle the photo is taken.)

As I said it is tight, doesn't seem to be leaking or anything, the sprayer works fine, I bought it from a reputable dealer (Nordstrom's) and it smells wonderful.

Here's a pic:

Very, VERY happy with this purchase (couldn't BE happier actually). I love it! Love, love, love, love...

- - - Updated - - -

The weirdest thing just happened...I picked up my bottle today and with time and use that gap has magically closed itself! I have no idea what happened!!!! I'm honestly not sure HOW that happened at all. I'm happy about it though. (And still IN LOVE with this fragrance! WOW!)