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    Default Iso E Super in the UK?

    Does anyone know of a supplier in the UK that's cheaper than shipping it over from PA? For that matter, are there any decent ingredient suppliers in the UK at all? I'd like to have a go at making my own juice and thought the usual molecule 1,2,3 would be a good place to start.

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    Default Re: Iso E Super in the UK?

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    Oh! Great website. Thanks!

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    Thanks! If my maths is correct though that works out dearer than buying from PA. PA will sell 250ml for 23.75 including shipping. Assuming 1ml = 1g it would be about 42.50+ postage.

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    If you want Iso E Super I have lots - happy to sell you 500g for 29 plus postage of 6 or 8 for next day delivery.

    I have surplus of quite a few things actually and I'm generally happy to sell on stuff to people here as long as you either know what you are doing or read in here to find out.

    Oh and btw, with Iso E Super 1g = 1ml is roughly correct, but with many materials it won't be: you need to check the specific gravity to know with ISE it's about 0.96. By contrast the specific gravity of ethanol is roughly 0.8 meaning that 1ml = 0.8g which can add up to quite a difference if you are buying by the kilo.
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    Hi Chris. Thanks for that, just let me know how to send payment.

    I deal with various solvents and chemicals in my day job so have a decent grounding.

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