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    Default L'Artisan candles L'Automne and L'Hiver

    Has anybody tried them?
    I haven't checked at my local L'Artisan, yet, and I don't know if they're sold outside France.
    They sound very promising, from the notes listed...
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    Default Re: L'Artisan candles L'Automne and L'Hiver

    Haven't smelled these two but the ones I have smelled and tried are of very good quality.

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    Default Re: L'Artisan candles L'Automne and L'Hiver

    Not a popular thread, isn't it?!

    Well, in case someone is interested, I have smelled them in my local L'Artisan shop. Nothing to be too much impressed about. The Autumn is fruity, earthy, nutty, the Winter is piney and a bit smoky. The glass is beautiful, but I don't think they're worth 60 euros- every single Dyptique candle is better...
    "Your fragrance with a fume of iodine" L. Cohen

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