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    Default possible creed aventus fake

    so i purchased a 4oz bottle of creed aventus BNIB so it says, and upon receiving it im aware of the batch number lazered onto the bottom of the bottle, but it was nowhere to be found, but it was on my box A42B12CD2 and i smelled an authenic creed aventus and it smells the same. and the one that i have lasted for about 6-7hrs. everthing looks the same i.e box, how it sprays, and bottle, only difference is the batch code isnt nowhere to be found on the bottle. please help

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    Default Re: possible creed aventus fake

    I sprayed some aventus on my shirt, and I could smell the ashy dried birch 30+ hours later after a wash! The skin is a different story, of course. When you pull off the nozzle does it have the opaque white ring? Is the embossing on the card thick? Look on youtube on how to spot a fake. Just don't get paranoid. If you like how it smells, think it smells the same, didn't pay more than $140 for it, and it lasts a long time, I would say you are alright. But I know I'd want everything in order if I was dropping my dime.
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    Default Re: possible creed aventus fake

    If it smells as it's supposed to, there's nothing to worry about.

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    Default Re: possible creed aventus fake

    My code on my 2012 bottle is on the back of the bottle along the lip of the bottom of the bottle.

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    Default Re: possible creed aventus fake

    There should be a sticky on here detailing grey market Creed bottles for the new guys. Most of my Creed bottles don't have the lazer etched batch code on the bottle. Grey market vendors scratch them off or paint over them. Pull the atomizer off the top of your bottle. Is there a white piece of plastic underneath by the sprayer stem? If so, it's real.
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    Default Re: possible creed aventus fake

    sorry guys i just found it.. it was towards the top of the sprayer where i had to tilt it towards the light and the batch number matches.. but thanks for all the replies

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