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    Default Help! Old bottle or new?

    I discovered a love for Miss Dior Cherie.

    I read on here that it was changed and renamed. I went to Sephora, hoping to sample the new Miss Dior's and found a gift set of Miss Dior Cherie. I bought it on the spot because I loved Miss Dior Cherie when I finally used the sample I have had for quite some time.

    However, as I always do, I am now second guessing myself. Should I return the 'old' bottle and purchase a 'new' one? Will it go bad? Or is the perfume fine even if it is a few years old? (I am not sure when, exactly, the switch was made...)


    I do not want to waste money or regret keeping the 'old' bottle, since it was still expensive!

    Does anyone know how to tell how old a perfume is by the bottle or packaging? I could not find a date anywhere.

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    Default Re: Help! Old bottle or new?

    I have not looked into this, but my understanding is that the old Miss Dior was to be discontinued, while the flanker Miss Dior Cherie was to be renamed simply Miss Dior. Old Miss Dior smelled rather different than Miss Dior Cherie, and was nowhere near as successful. So the formula of Miss Dior Cherie shouldn't have changed, and you got what you were looking for. You shouldn't worry about age. Perfume lasts a long time if not exposed to direct sunlight, so your bottle will be perfect and will remain so for decades long as you keep it away from sunlight. Ideally, you should keep it in the dark, like in a drawer.

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    Default Re: Help! Old bottle or new?

    Old bottle should be fine. Keep it and enjoy.
    Name changes usually mean reformulations so keep the one you got.
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