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    Default Nine Flags Cologne, "Spain"

    Does anyone know if there is a cologne or perfume similar to the scent of "Nine Flags, Spain"? I am a female but found that scent very appealing & bought myself a bottle just before it was discontinued. I was curious if other's remember that vintage cologne & also liked it. I would love any feedback. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Nine Flags Cologne, "Spain"

    I have been hunting for vintage colognes and after reading about Nine Flags checked ebay -- occasionally a decently priced single or set auction will pop up -- probably at or a bit above the same price you would find a new similar scent. If you like it that much, why not just get another bottle?

    I also wish I could smell the whole set sometime.... seems like people loved it.

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    Default Re: Nine Flags Cologne, "Spain"

    I had the entire collection when I was a "pup"! I remember Spain and it seems the name of Spain's fragrance was Manzanilla. May be wrong tho. 'Twas a long time ago.

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    Default Re: Nine Flags Cologne, "Spain"

    Thanks for the reply re: Nine Flags Cologne, Spain. I am really only looking to see if there is a scent on the market that smells like it so that I can wear it again. The vintage colognes if found would probably smell totally different, perhaps like alcohol. Perhaps I might have to try a company that makes up colognes to smell like those that have been discontinued.

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    Default Re: Nine Flags Cologne, "Spain"

    Thank you for responding! You are correct about Manzanilla. Good Memory! I would be interested to know if there is a cologne on the market now with that similar scent. You were a lucky young "pup" to have the entire collection.

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    Default Re: Nine Flags Cologne, "Spain"

    I gave my father the whole Nine Flags set for his birthday one year long ago. He never used them, but I used to sniff them all the time. I remember Manzanilla as a sweet, pulpy citrus. A very friendly scent. Perhaps Eau de Hadrien or Nuits de Hadrien by Annick Goutal might be similar. Does this sound like yours?

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    Default Re: Nine Flags Cologne, "Spain"

    Thank you so much for your reply. You have a good memory. Your description brings that scent to mind. I do believe you are correct! It has been so long since I had the chance ti inhale that scent. I am definitely going to write down the names of the colognes you mentioned & check them out. I am excited to do this. I will know immediately if one is similar & I will let you know. Thanks again!

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