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    Default New here and trying to find a scent

    Hey guys!

    I'm 19 years old and around two years ago my mother bought me Le Male by Jean Paul Gautlier. I never used that often being in high school - i really only ever broke it out for dances/dates/fancy dinners/etc. Last year I started to wear it pretty often, I started using it almost every day but there were times when i forgot about it. In any case i have been using it regulary and i enjoy wearing a scent regularly but last week it ran dry. Earlier today i was googling how to pick a cologne and i found this website, after reading some articles and forum posts i was surprised to see that Le Male is a very popular scent. I don't know the full history behind it but apparently the scent i was wearing (which i assumed to just be some random cologne my mom found at Sears or something, we never discussed it much) was actually a very well known and respected scent to the point where i is bootlegged pretty commonly. I am almost certain mine was not a bootleg given that my mom bought it from some department store and it was around 45-60 dollars (i think it was on sale for christmas).

    In any case, i do like the scent of Le Male but i want to expand my horizon. Also on the this websites review of Le Male many say that they dislike it, i want a scent to be attractive (especially to the ladies). I want to try out many types of scents because i have not had much experience trying out different brands/scents/etc. But just from my experience with trying out my dads colognes when i was very little - i was a curious little kid - i think i prefer to wear the less citrus-ey scents. I see Le Male described as "vanilla" but when i wore it I never really described it was "sweet."

    Anyway, what advice can you give someone who is just getting into cologne and wants to start finding scents he likes. I want to slowly build a collection and be the kind of man who has "a scent for every occaision." But i do want to definitely start wearing cologne every day (side question: should cologne last all day or just a couple hours? I want something that will last if i put it on in the morning).

    Thanks in advance, and i'm glad to be a new member of the community!

    EDIT: If you couldn't tell I am male. I know perfumes are typically only for women so when some people recommend me perfumes i was wondering if they couldn't tell my gender.
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