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    Default Bodyshop Frags - White Musk & Activist!!

    I got an email last week with 40% off at the Bodyshop, so I bought a load of christmas prsents for people and got myself a bottle of White Musk For Men and a bottle of Activist. Have to say I am very impressed with both, especially the White Musk. This coast be £9.00 for 100ml and it has a very high quality smell and excellent Longevity. I think Activist is going to be my new Gym scent.

    Anybody else tried/like/dislike these?


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    Default Re: Bodyshop Frags - White Musk & Activist!!

    I've tried Arber, Activist and Of a Man, and personally didn't care for them.

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    Default Re: Bodyshop Frags - White Musk & Activist!!

    I own both White Musk EdT and the roll-on deo. I like them both quite much, the EdT is a solid comfortable musk, and I find that the roll-on melts in with most frags, without interfering with the experience
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