Here is my issue...tell me if I'm tripping. Lately it seems the designer releases are extremely disappointing. Most if not all are so generic and seem of much lesser quality. Not only do i find thenscents very blah but they are fleeting as well. This is very fruatrating. I've tried to like BdC and the Spicebombs of the world, and while they are just ok I have purchased much better designer frags in the past. I have TdH which is good...great. I have a vintage M7, older frags which I've matured past such as LeMale or Issey Miyake where ground breaking, had depth to them and where quality scents imo. They had great projection and longevity. My question is will I be forced to search out vintage discountinued scents such as M7 or Rive Gauche which are becoming more difficult to find.....or will I have to go Niche and be forced to spend 150+ just to get a quality scent that stands apart from mass market frags. Imo the later option sucks as this would cause my hobby to become extremely expensive. It just seems the selection of mederately priced designer masterpieces are few few and far between. Maybe this is a frustration rant but I'm sure I'm not the only frag hobbyist feeling this crunch. Am I missing some other true designer masterpieces or is this just the reality of things.

Oh and I find LaNuit good. Not great however it appeals to a large imo that's a good thing.

Chime in and offer your feedback or advice..


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