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    Default Antique bottle: Perfume, Cruet or Liquor?

    I recently bought a glass stoppered bottle at a thrift store and I don't really know what its for. I was hoping it was a perfume, but I'm not sure. It's square bottomed with scalloped sides and an emerald style cut glass stopper. It's about the height of a 500ml water bottle and a little wider. The stopper also has an embossed logo of sorts I can't find information on that consists of a stylized capitol A with wings on the sides.

    Any idea on what I've got here? Its glass not crystal as well.

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    Default Re: Antique bottle: Perfume, Cruet or Liquor?

    Can you post a pic?

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    Default Re: Antique bottle: Perfume, Cruet or Liquor?

    sounds like a liquor decanter...
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