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    Default Is it worth me buying?

    Hi everyone!

    I've been looking around for some nice fresh perfumes to wear through an Australian summer to add to my collection. About a week ago, I bought Burberry Brit Sheer and love it! Another one I've had a few recommendations for by friends and family is DKNY Be Delicious. I went to smell it today, and though it was different for the first 2 minutes, I found the two perfumes to be quite similar.

    Is this just my untrained/new to perfume nose playing tricks on me? Because the notes seem very different. If I got the DKNY, would I be able to tell the difference clearly when I'm wearing them?

    Thank you!

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    Try to get a DKNY sample from the store. Spray Burberry on one wrist and DKNY on the other so you can compare both at the same time. If they smell the same to you, I would not buy it.

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    That's what I did.. I used the DKNY tester in the store (they didn't have any take-home samples) and sprayed it on one wrist, but the scent was gone after about 2 minutes, so that's why I'm thinking it might have been an old tester. The Burberry one smelled a bit fainter than the one I have at home too.

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