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    Post Pop-up Shop with Perfumes

    A new Pop-up Shop opens in Newport, Shropshire today featuring (so far) 14 local independent businesses including my own Pell Wall Perfumes' first appearance in a bricks-and-mortar shop on the High Street - for those near enough to visit it's actually on the corner of Wellington Road and High Street - and you can get hot drinks and check out the community information boards while you're there too.

    Besides various handmade goods and fine art, the shop also features a demonstration and performance space where local artists and others will be drawing, playing, teaching, demonstrating and generally doing interesting things.

    I shall be there myself from time to time (starting in about an hour) but whether I'm there or not you can see, and more importantly smell, any of my fragrances and support a genuine community initiative aimed at helping to regenerate the centre of small towns like ours.
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    Well done Chris. Getting out there.... good luck. Let us know how it went.
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    That is awesome, Chris. I hope the new venue works out well. It sounds nice; I just wish there wasn't such a big pond between there and I.

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