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    I was quite pleasantly surprised by this. It is light, perhaps thin if you wanted to be critical, but a cheerful 'spring in a bottle' fragrance. This will become a high summer perfume for me, when I don't want the citrus overload of 4711 or Escale au Portofino. We experience extreme temperatures, in the low 40C, and many perfumes will sour in such conditions.

    Notes: lemon leaves, lilac
    Wisteria, Green Tea, Peach Flowers, Peony, Osmanthus
    Cedar, Amber, Musk

    Eclat d'Arpege behaves exactly like it should, given the notes. The initial notes are crisp and slightly green. Then a medley of light florals take over, with just a hint of fruit from the osmanthus. The dry down is understated and still holds the floral feeling.

    Considering this a really inexpensive perfume, it is feminine, lady-like, understated, and quite good value for money. I was fully prepared for this to be another blind purchase that may end up on the 'to be sold' list. But I like it well enough to keep it. My husband declared it a 'summery thing' which is high praise from him. The overall feeling is light and almost ethereal (on my scent-eating skin at least), and would be very suited to a young person.

    The three notes that attracted me - lilac, wisteria and osmanthus are well done. There's certainly nothing cloying about the combination of notes and if you like the uncomplicated and simple, then perhaps you might like to try it. It comes in a pretty bottle, with a rather strange pale lilac coloured juice.

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    I have Eclat d'Arpege, LiliB, and I enjoy it in warm weather. It's so pretty and feminine, as you say, and understated, and of good quality, sheer and light and refreshing, ethereal, I agree, yet it has good stamina on my skin - I get whiffs of it throughout the day when I've forgotten I'm wearing it. It smells fantastic on clothing, I've noticed when sniffing a shirt after I've worn this fragrance. I love the round bottle with the gold logo, the pale lilac juice, the rings around the nozzle, the acrylic presentation case - just the whole package inside out, is lovely, well designed, beautifully composed. Someone here sent me a sample, and I had to have a full bottle. Maybe I'll go have a spritz since I've just convinced myself, lol!

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    Eclat d' Arpege is one of my favorites. I mostly wear it in the spring and summer, but it's one that I feel you could easily wear any time of year and would it work well. I love the logo of the mom and the little girl on the bottle.

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    Kiliwia, I've noticed you and I love of similar types of fragrances. We could probably raid each others' wardrobes and feel right at home. I think that was the original logo that you see on Arpege of Jeanne Lanvin and her little daughter. I've always loved that, too.

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    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this perfume is worth sharing. As I said, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a pretty, light thing among the predictably uninspiring bottles that inhabit the chain stores.

    Lilybelle, I agree, it does have surprisingly good projection. It stays reasonably close to the skin but makes its presence felt through quite a decent period of time. I only gave it one spritz and it stayed with me all day.

    I was also delighted with the presentation. That acrylic box made it look something special and it would make a lovely gift, thanks to the unusual packaging.

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