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    Default I Tend to Mix up Fragrances

    That's my way of iinventing unique flavors or giving a twist to a scent I initially like (or sometime dislike).

    But before you get scandilized, let me explain:

    - I only mix two frangrances at the time

    - I put the main fragrance on (usually two sprits at most), and then I put the other one on a piece of cloth, which I rub gently on my wrists and neck; in short I apply it as lightly as possible!

    The result could be surprisingly good.

    My current favorite combinaison is Carolina Herrera for Men as the main + a very light touch of Guy Laroche Horizon

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    Default Re: I Tend to Mix up Fragrances

    If it works for you - great. For me one at a time , separately works best for me.

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    Default Re: I Tend to Mix up Fragrances

    I know girls do that and In fact I wanted to ask in this forum just to know if guys did the same thing now I see some guys do it (so far one )

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    Default Re: I Tend to Mix up Fragrances

    I find that layering generally doesn't work so well for me, and it is hard to get consistent results, although I have been known to layer 2 Man and LIDGE to make LIDGE dryer and give it a bit of smokiness. That's probably my most successful experiment. YMMV.

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    Default Re: I Tend to Mix up Fragrances

    Just mixed a strongly vanilla-scented body cream and Trish McEvoy #3 and I love the result. I imagine that one would work with a few scents I own.

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    Default Re: I Tend to Mix up Fragrances

    In my opinion, layering fragrances can really work, but it takes the right two scents, and it works best when one of the two is particularly simple - if not both! The key, obviously, is to look for commonalities or complimentary qualities, AND AVOID NOTES THAT CLASH!

    One of the dumbest things I ever did was accidentally spraying SOMETHING on top of Gucci Pour Homme (2003). Even worse, I forgot what the second frag I sprayed was (because as soon as I sprayed my wrist, I realized "You idiot! You already sprayed there!")

    I was mostly shopping for clothes that day, so I forgot all about it until later that evening when I caught a whiff something I didn't recognize. It was my wrist.

    It! Smelled! FANTASTIC! ...but I have no idea what the other scent in the combo was.

    I'm not saying Gph is simple, by the way, but it's not an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of scent. It's a deep, rich woody incense.
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    Default Re: I Tend to Mix up Fragrances

    I think many people layer fragrances on a daily basis without knowing it; it occurs every time we use a different scented-soap, body lotion.

    Sometimes, what we think of as the interaction between our body chemistry and our preferred fragrance is nothing but the three elements: body chemistry, scents from auxiliary sources and the actual fragrance we are wearing.

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