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    Exclamation Cadillac Coup Edp

    I've never heard anything on this fragrance or can I find any info on the web. I saw a bottle TjMaxx for 14.00 so took a chance.

    After a full wearing yesterday I can say this is a very dense fragrance. On my skin it's smokey, it smells almost like patchouli leather vanella and as the hours pass, it gets only better. It has an enormous staying power and just a few drops go a very long way. What comes to mind is Molinard Habanita and Fragonard Zizanie.

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    Thank you, scentimus, for sharing this. I am intrigued. Sounds like a bargain.
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    Default Re: Cadillac Coup Edp

    Yes, thanks for bringing this to our attention !
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    Default Re: Cadillac Coup Edp

    Yes, thank you. You have sparked my curiosity. I loved the coupe and was never aware that a fragrance bearing the Cadillac name had ever been produced. The search begins.

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    Saw it today and almost got it but went with Burberry instead. Now i wish i would have.

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