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Thread: Cheap Thrills

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    Default Cheap Thrills

    Hello Everyone!
    I find myself having to pull in a little tightly on my purse strings lately. Having been too free with my cash reserves last month. So I was thinking about inexpensive frags. I was wondering which cheap scents anyone finds attractive and why?
    I'll start the ball rolling. I like Liz by Liz Claiborne (the 2005 release). I find with the citrus in the top notes and the pink pepper in the base it's a lovely little summer pick-me-up fragrance.
    Okay, any other offerings?

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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    I have a huge list of cheap thrills. A few:

    Halston: Big and classic and wonderful in cool weather
    Cuir de Lancome: gorgeous warm leather
    Jovan Musk: cozy
    Bal a Versailles: big leather floral
    Habanita: Vanilla vetiver

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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    Somebody more computer literate (or, with more time) will come and post a link to the thread we had about three years ago (Hillaire's?) and where we got about 200 Cheap Thrills listed.

    Right here on top of my head:
    -- Dana Tabu (look for older versions), same with Coty Emeraude and Chantilly, Royal Secret is excellent if you are into that type of dark vanilla.
    -- Ellen Tracy fragrances (I still like the second one -- after Linda Allard Edition -- best: peaches, irises, sandalwood). There are others too.
    -- Molinard fragrances in general (with the exception of their florals);
    -- Yardley of London scents (even the most recent versions of their classics were not butchered up that badly).
    -- Gres Cabaret (stand by with roses and ambrette seed, velvety dusty delight);
    -- Jean Couturier Coriandre (I can't be too shy about singing praises to this one as it has been with me for over 25 years, also please look for older versions).

    Good luck.

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    Editing: Here is the link:
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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    I recently bought Demeter Gingerale after another BNer gave me a sample from his bottle. You can get good deals online.

    It's fizzy and cheerful at first, then warmer as it dries down. Lasts the better part of the day on me when applied under clothing. I like this better than Origins' ginger fragrance.

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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    "You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future."

    "Three essentials for a good life: Someone to love, somewhere to go, and something to look forward to."

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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    Speaking strictly of female fragrances, I find that the latter scents offer consistent quality at affordable prices:

    Cabotine de Gres
    any scents by Gloria Vanderbilt
    any scents by Elizabeth Arden

    Udpdate: forgot to recommend Je Reviens by Worth
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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    I find cheap thrills on ebay.

    Hillaire's Unsung Treasures thread linked above by Twolf is a BN classic - lots of fantastic recommendations in there.

    I love Grès Cabaret, too. And I also love Kate by Kate Moss (Coty) that I bought on the bargain shelf in the drugsotore, 100 ml for around $14. Toujours Moi is very nice for a cheapie. I would just look on ebay for things that you know you love. You can snag something at a good price in an off hour (like Sunday a.m.!).

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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    Wow, thanks for Hillaire's Unsung Treasures thread, it's a gem.
    I have worn and still love Tabu and Timeless; lately I'm partial to Kate Moss's Velvet Hour. Lots of good older scents to be had on ebay: Caesar's Woman and Arpege to name a couple. I'm expanding my collection so much I'll need a whole room for them soon!

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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    Cres Cabochard. Still fantastic. Really cheap. Bitter leather.

    Iceberg, The Fragrance. Lovely easy contemporary fragrance. A sort of peppery vanilla suede. Can be had for a tenner here.

    Gianfranco Ferre Bergamotto Marino. Salty, slightly smoky Bergamot and sea spray. Excellent.

    and.... if you can still get it, +1 on Lancome Cuir.

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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    Roberto Cavalli Oro is reasonably priced and very nice, it's a spicy oriental.

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    Default Re: Cheap Thrills

    Cacharel Amor Amor - I'm really ashamed for loving this one! I even tried to find something by Dominique Ropoin that smells like Amor Amor but comes from a more upscale brand - no luck! Alien is too loud and although I love Armani Mania - it's not completely the same.

    So Amor Amor it is But only on weekends and in private)

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