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    Default M7, I think we're gonna get along just fine

    Well, I must have come a ways with Yves Saint Laurent M7 because, though I've had a vintage (all-brown) bottle in my collection for a little while, until now I've found it more fascinating than lovable. I mean, let's be honest: it's an odd scent. Though it's kept growing on me, bit my bit. Last time I put a bit on one Saturday morning to test it out a bit before I showered and went about my day, and its warm, ember glow was wonderful. Tonight, though, I had a distinct craving to put it on before bed as a sort of comfort scent. Don't know why. One spray to the arm and right now I'm surrounded by this amazing, slightly spicy, slightly sweet, yet decidedly unique scent. It's beautiful. And, yes, actually cozy somehow. It does read as an oriental, but it really doesn't smell like anything else. I suppose I'm not surprised this wasn't a big commercial hit, if it takes this long to really make its case, but wow, what a composition. To think, daring like this was happening in designer perfumery a mere ten years ago. Great stuff.

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    Default Re: M7, I think we're gonna get along just fine

    It's a scent for the specialists like basenoters. It's not mass market friendly. That's not a bad thing. The new M7 Oud is more wearable, but not quite as good.

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    Default Re: M7, I think we're gonna get along just fine

    I feel in heaven when i wear it, but don´t wear it that often. I have vintage and never smelled the others.

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    I've been wearing my vintage M7 to the office this fall season, whenever the weather is below 50 degrees. Just 1/2 (half) spray on both sides of my neck and it projects very well, without being offensive, and lasts 16+ hours on my skin. Its spicy opening could be a little overwhelming, but it develops into a very smooth and masculine oud-amber scent.

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    Default Re: M7, I think we're gonna get along just fine

    Good stuff for sure.

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    Default Re: M7, I think we're gonna get along just fine

    Great fragrance, indeed. Wore it last night (around 7PM), and I enjoyed waking up to its drydown this morning. Glad I have a couple of backup bottles. I'll be keeping one bottle for my future son.
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