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    Question Versace L' Homme

    I had this years and years ago and I remember really liking it. I think it had a green soapy quality about it, (?) and it contained a fascinating unique note in it ~ in the same way the classic discontinued mens Nino Cerruti contained a very special note. At the time I thought it was a very sophisticated fragrance.
    I am thinking about buying it again, but I am wondering whether it has been tampered with ??
    It has completely different coloured liquid on the various seller's websites. Some show it as a green liquid and some as a pale yellow. Does anyone have advice please ?
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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Yes it has been reformulated. I have never smelt the original but had a bottle of the current and was not a fan of it all.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Mine is purchased about a month ago, and the juice is yellowish. Opens with a blast of lemon, and dries down to a leathery/woody accord. Is crisp and not powdery till the last 10% of its life. Average projection and decent longevity.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Hello david -

    The best male fragrance ever created by the Versace house. There are three formulations - there is a great thread here on Basenotes that gets into the latest formulation and the difference between Vintage.

    It was, after reading a lot on Basenotes prior, one of my very first contributions to this wonderful forum we all share on (my in-depth post is #48). It is here:

    Since that thread, I have worn all formulations of Versace L'Homme literally dozens of times. I have found that the Original Vintage formulation to be slightly superior to the 90's juice (it is so close, though). The difference, for me, is the depth of leather and patchouli in Original Vintage is a touch more. The patchouli is ever-so slightly sharper in 90's formulation while earthier in the Original Vintage. A description of the bottles is offered in the thread too.

    I will say this - while the current formulation is not as rich (it is more top and heart note-laden), it actually wears very well when blended with the gorgeous, rich 90's juice year-round and by itself in warmer weather. Interesting to note, Original Vintage (with the thin script-like logo with upper and lower case letters) is not something I directly layer. I will wear it on a different part of my body (forearm, typically) and enjoy sniffing.

    The color is indicative of the top notes - more citrus (bright lemon, Petit Grain and bergamot) all exist in current is a brighter formulation and not as herbal or deep. However, specifically the use of Petit Grain in Versace L'Homme (in both Original and 90's Vintage bottles), is one of the best in all of fragrance - stunning with the herbs, carnation, patchouli, rose and pimento. The green juice exudes its color, which is indicative of its rich patchouli, oakmoss, and sensational depth of the herbs and spices. The leather is warmed by labdanum, musk, tonka bean, and touch of vanilla - it is significantly lighter in current, yellow juice.

    I hope that thread and this overview gives you a good starting point for what can only be considered as a classic, refined, macho powerhouse of incredible depth. My advice is to seek out one of the Vintage bottles. Oakmoss is a key note and fixative in this composition - and, of course, I believe it needs to be there.

    A perfect scent when wearing a leather jacket on a night out...

    Cheers, my friend.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    I have not had the pleasure of smelling the vintage Versace L'Homme, but I love my yellow current version. It actually was the first frag to get me involved in collecting. Still a great scent IMO!
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    I like it too and own a newer formulation I'm pretty certain.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Thanks to everyone, especially to ericrico.
    I am shocked.
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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    I've tried an older one and the new version. The older one was too much, quickly going into a creamy effect that was nearly nauseating to me. The new version doesn't have that quality and I can wear it, though I actually like similar ones better, such as Performance by Jaguar.

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    Only for curiosity: this is an advertising for Versace L'Homme. Here, you can see the first bottle, and guess what? it's from a 1996 magazine. This means the first reformulation (with the brown box) came likely in the late '90 , maybe 1998-1999, or even 2000.
    From 1984 to -at least- 1996 Versace l'Homme had likely the first bottle, with the thin lettering.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Thanks for that picture.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Personally never a fan of this scent.

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    I only know and also only own the reformulated version, but have tested the vintage too.

    No significant difference, at least to my nose, between these two, plus the newer version still has decent longevity, projection, but more importantly, that distinctive powerhouse vibe.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Wow. I was thinking of buying this one, but your opinion carries some weight in these parts. The wholesalers have it for 29 bucks, so it's down to either Versace L'Homme and Rome Uomo. I'll have to check them out again.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    I've never had the old formulations but I strongly dislike the current one.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    The vintage is the best and long lasting but the current is not bad though watered down.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Quote Originally Posted by Souryu View Post
    I've never had the old formulations but I strongly dislike the current one.
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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    I agree with this, also owning current and original vintage. Original vintage is way more smooth and better blended. The current has a real 'in your face' opening but settles down quite acceptable but smells more generic compared to vintage; less rich and deep.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Hunter View Post
    The vintage is the best and long lasting but the current is not bad though watered down.
    My Top '10' : (In no particular order)

    - Dolce & Gabbana: Pour Homme (vintage)
    - Paco Rabanne: Pour Homme (vintage)
    - Loewe: Esencia/Pour Homme/Solo/7
    - YSL: Opium Pour Homme Edp
    - Jacques Bogart: Bogart Pour Homme (2004)
    - MPG: Santal Noble
    - Guerlain: Vetiver
    - Amouage: Jubilation XXV
    - Hermes: Terre d'Hermes
    - YSL: Kouros (Fraicheur)

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Vintage bottles are still out there in fragrance shops. Just look around a little. Worth the effort, the vintage formulations of L'Homme are much nicer than modern versions.

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    This is the bottom of my second L'Homme , recently acquired, which I think is from 1990 . The other one is from ,probably, 1996, and both are great.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    both fabulous!
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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    I recently picked up a 2nd formulation 100ml bottle of Versace L'Homme off "that auction site". The seller's photo was rather distant but it was clear to me it wasn't the nasty black box version. So I bought it and was surprised to find that the box wasn't brown after all...

    Hard to tell from the photo by itself, but it is actually gold. You can see it more obviously from photos of the brown box:

    Oddly, the whole bottle is frosted. The 1st version has frosted sides and the 2nd version is completely clear. Turns out I ended up with an anniversary edition. That sticker on the top edge of the box actually says "Anniversary" in barely legible script. Nothing found on the Internet about it, although one other BN member had posted a photo of his collection and his 2nd formulation version bottle was also completely frosted over.

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    best thing is to determine the "anniversary" year,
    here for calculating it:: http://raidersofthelostscent.blogspo...-perfumes.html
    Raiders of the Lost Scent: Journey in the Realm of Lost Perfumes

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    Default Re: Versace L' Homme

    Well from what I understand, Versace L'Homme was released in 1984... so I'd expect this to be a 2004 release. 20th anniversary.
    Mine shows GIVER SpA, Fragrance Marketing Group, so definitely after 1995. However, mine has a 7 digit batch code which you say means at least 2010 or later. But the 1st two digits don't make sense as a year reference. I can't read the whole thing, but it's "521 31xx". Can't make out the last two digits. Assuming the 1st digit is the year, it would be 2005. Lastly, the ingredients on the box are a short list, "SD Alcohol 39-C, Purified Water, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Benzophenone-2".

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