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Thread: Coty Chypre

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    Default Coty Chypre

    Hi, I am looking for Coty Chypre which could have been used by someone in the 1920s. Can anyone help me in that?

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    Default Re: Coty Chypre


    Can you explain exactly your question? Coty Chypre is a very famous old perfume, sadly discontinued. There is usually some on ebay, typically going for at least $100 for 50ml.


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    Default Re: Coty Chypre

    Hello! Yes. I hoped to find other choices than ebay. Right now there are two there. but i have another problem. it should be a male fragrance, i read about a hungarian writer, who used CC and exactly that's what i am looking for.

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    Default Re: Coty Chypre

    Eiderdown Press has some decants of Coty Chypre. (I got that link off of another thread at Basenotes, I'm assuming it's legit.)

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    Thank you for your answer. What strange is that it was used by a man, and as I read it's a female fragrance.

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    Default Re: Coty Chypre

    Lots of men wear fragrances marketed to women, and vice versa. Nothing wrong with that!

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    No, it's not that, I was just wandering if it could have been false information about the writer. But as I see it's right, and that's good for me. Thank you!

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