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    Default Two new mini purchases - Snob and Chaldee

    I'm currently in the throes of a new mania - perfume minis. So, I am combing the net for the unusual and the desirable. I came across a Le Galion Snob which I thought was almost too good to be true. This is a long discontinued perfume, reputedly LG's answer to Joy.

    Does anyone out there have experience of Snob? If it is anything like the rest of the Le Galion range, it should be something very desirable.

    Having read up on Chaldee, one of the Ma Collection series, it had a colourful past, being a cosmetic, not a perfume at all. It was developed at the time of the release of the collection, and from what I could gather is a most desirable thing. I have found anything by the house of Patou is something special. I have a vintage bottle of Amour Amour and find it a unique floral, very much a thing of another era, but so skilfully made that I indulge in wearing it, even though it doesn't really suit the modern perfume aesthetic.

    Does anyone out there know Chaldee?

    Whilst on the subject of the rare - I also came across a bottle designated by Coty called Passe-Partout. I have found absolutely no reference to this except in the English Perfume Dictionary where it shows it to have been produced by another company, not Coty. Since it goes back to 1932, and I have found nothing on the web, I wondered if anyone out there, with a true vintage lover's collection, has personal experience of it.

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    Default Re: Two new mini purchases - Snob and Chaldee

    Snob is a super rich, ambery floral. I had a sample of a deep vintage and liked it very much. Don't know the others. They're even rarer.

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    Default Re: Two new mini purchases - Snob and Chaldee

    I also own a mini of amour amour and chaldee. Chaldee is a nice smooth ambery vanillic, warm skin scent - you can see how it could have first been created as a tanning oil.

    Regular bottles of this Patou series, which was reissued sometimes in the 70s or 80s I believe, go for pretty hefty prices on ebay. Elena at perfumeshrine has a whole series on them (you can search there for more info). I have also smelled vacances, thanks to a pass-the-sample, which to me was heavy on almondy heliotropin. but I've never been able to find it at reasonable prices on ebay.


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