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    Default Giorgio in the yellow stripped box

    Giorgio in the yellow stripped box
    I have been buying this perfume for years
    The last three yellow striped boxes of Giorgio the perfume is fake--Not the same.i purchased these at Sam's club. Where can I find this perfume that the product is real not fake!!!

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    Default Re: Giorgio in the yellow stripped box

    Maybe not fake, but reformulated? Why do you think they're fake?

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    Default Re: Giorgio in the yellow stripped box

    I know that relatively recently the Men's version of Giorgio that I have been wearing for over 23 years and love so much had definitely either been reformulated or at least altered when certain batches of bottles were produced by a different manufacturer EA contracted with. The color of the juice was even different. The bottles weren't "fake", but they certainly were a shadow of the "real" Giorgio for Men (vintage or the excellent original re-release). It could be that same EA manufacturer is now doing the Women's version? If so, I feel for you. :-(
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    Default Re: Giorgio in the yellow stripped box

    I doubt that a reputable retailer like Sam's Club would sell fakes. I'm agreeing with the reformulation theory. Cos it happens a lot

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    Default Re: Giorgio in the yellow stripped box

    Probably reformulated, even good old Giorgio! Years ago I wore this as a bit of a "fling", and I now have a tiny bottle that I take out and smell once in awhile. It certainly makes an impression! Anyway, I hope you have good luck in finding what you want. It's VERY frustrating when something is reformulated, which seems to include almost everything these days. I go online and do most of my perfume shopping, I don't want most of the new stuff. I'm sure you'll find the original Giorgio online too.

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