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    Lightbulb My Intro and project

    Hi My name is Bridgewater 34 year old father of3 girls living in Killeen, TEXAS. I am new to Basenotes but have a little background in working with Essential oils. I wont go into great detail here but hopefully within my time here I will get to know a few of you and in that time I am sure we will learn a lot about each other.

    I stared out in soap making and slipped into designing body oils, perfumes, etc.... It is now turning into a business and I find my self wanting a deeper understanding of the whole process. I have done a search and come up empty handed which lead me to write this post. Is there a chart somewhere that list all essential oils by name, family and whether they are a base, middle, or top note? If so where can i find it and if not are there anyone willing to help me create it? Im sure there's other vital info that can be added to the chart later but for right now I think this is a good starting point.

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    There is one in the starting out section. If you cannot find it. I will scan one in later. There is ample information on here already without doing anything again. I suggest lots of reading. You will find many helping hands here.
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    Welcome Bridgewater. Although not perfume specific (i.e. base, mid, top is not listed) I find Bo Jensen's site immensely helpful when doing research on naturals and the chemicals they contain:

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    Welcome aboard!

    If you want the definitive details on natural aromatics, the best resource is still Stephan Arctander's work, first published in 1961 but still superb. It is expensive, but if you are making a business of this I think it's an essential resource, there are links & other recommendations in my blog post on perfumery books.

    I agree about the Bo Jensen site too, which is wonderful and includes material that is more recent than Arctander. You will also find the TGSC pages on aromatics both natural and synthetic invaluable - see the thread here on the Perfumer's Search page for a convenient way to access them.
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    Thanks for the replies, I will look at all sources listed. I have found list but what I am looking for or want to do is make a color coded chart something like the periodic table, if you can some what picture that. (might be spelled wrong) Like have a chart grouped by families, then in each family group the box is color coded indicating if it's a Base, Middle, or Top note. This way when making a new scent if you want to make a strictly floral scent you can easily see what oils to use then pick your bases, mids, and tops in the family.

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    If you go to they have an "ingredients colour key" which all their materials are labelled by. I think it's a similar idea to what you're talking about, and it incorporates top/mid/base notes grouping too.

    The trouble is, not all fragrance materials fit conveniently into a single family or odour type. Take linalool for example - is it woody, floral or citrus? Your chart might need to facilitate overlap between types. The joys of information design...

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    I just glanced at the site and this is the best I have seen so far. I will check it out more tonight, it looks real promising.

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