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    Default Handy Perfumer's Search page

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to let you all know about a handy utility for perfumers that I have put on the web and is free for all to use.
    It is a page of custom searches that will search through:
    the TGSC site
    the IFRA site
    materials suppliers
    equipment suppliers
    purely botanic materials suppliers
    demonstration formulas

    The site is at
    Hope you find it useful!


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    Brilliant stuff Mark, I use it constantly and I'm glad to see you've got it on it's very own domain now too.

    For those who've yet to try it, this is an excellent resource for discovering just what you need to know without having to trail through loads of irrelevant material such as you find when you use Google in the conventional way. Recommended!
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    Default Re: Handy Perfumer's Search page

    Glad you find it useful, Chris.
    If you would like to see anything added or improved, let me know.

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    Default Re: Handy Perfumer's Search page

    Bookmarked. Thank you, this is a fantastic resource.

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    Default Re: Handy Perfumer's Search page

    This is excellent and so easy to use! Thanks so much!

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