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    Default Chanel Les Exclusifs no longer available in Denmark?

    I hope I am posting in the right section - if not, please move my thread as appropriate.

    I would love to try three perfumes from the Les Exclusifs de Chanel, but this line is unfortunately not available in Sweden so I checked if it was available in Denmark. Looking at the Chanel website, they list several shops in Denmark as carrying this line, but having called four of these places, it seems this is not the case. At one place they even said this line is no longer available at all in Denmark. Is this correct??
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    Default Re: Chanel Les Exclusifs no longer available in Denmark?

    It's available now! They carry the entire Les Exclusifs line at Magasin du Nord at Kongens Nytorv - since only last month.
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    Oh, that's nice to know! I wish they were available here in Sweden too though

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