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    Default Oud based collection

    Since joining BN I have fallen in love with Oud. So my question is it possible to have a primarily Oud based collection. Oud frag for day for night for winter and for fall. How good or bad would that work.

    What Oud scents would you use for different occasions?

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    Default Re: Oud based collection

    Sure you can.

    Plenty of oud based perfumes to garner a decent wardrobe.
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    So what would be your day and night oud frag for summer and winter.

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    Default Re: Oud based collection

    If you are talking 100°+ summer temps. I would not recommend an oud fragrance. But generally these are good day / night suggestions. Actually any of them can work day or night.

    DAY - Micallef Emir, Heely Agarwoud, Kurkdjian Oud, Agar Aura Kuno Kayu or Agar Aura Aquatica

    NIGHT - Aqua di Colonia Oud, Armani Royal Oud, Bond No. 9 Harrod's Oud, TDC Oud Shamash
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    Default Re: Oud based collection

    Just wear whatever you want whenever you like! Enjoy!
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    Default Re: Oud based collection

    I like the offerings from Bond9 even though theyre synthetic. NY oud and Signature perfume are the ones I like for evening wear

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    Default Re: Oud based collection

    I would also add Brueckner's Aoud 1 - light and fruity, so works great in the daytime.

    Creed's Royal Oud could work for either day or night, and seems to be best for fall weather IMO.
    Current Winter Favorites:

    1. House of Matriarch - Blackbird
    2. Brückner - Aoud 1
    3. Creed - Royal Oud
    4. Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 - Generation Man
    5. Armani Privé - Oud Royal
    6. by Kilian - Straight to Heaven
    7. Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 - Mortal Skin
    8. Ormonde Jayne - Black Gold
    9. Creed - Royal English Leather
    10. by Kilian - Cruel Intentions

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    Default Re: Oud based collection

    Guess it simply depends on how much you like oud.

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    Default Re: Oud based collection

    Call me weird, but I think Oud can work in any weather, it's pretty versatile, just like vetiver.

    For a lighter oud, I like Aqcua di Parma's, for a heavier oud I like Leather Oud, Red Aoud, Pardon...

    This list goes on and on, but with the crazy number of oud based fragrances it's entirely possible to make a whole wardrobe out of it. Montale will keep you busy for years...(though they aren't all worth it)

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    Default Re: Oud based collection

    I suppose it depends on what your summers are like.
    I enjoy wearing dry woody scents, even in really hot and humid weather, so I could imagine wearing a light application of something like TF's Oud Wood in summer during the day or night.
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