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    In february I am traveling to Dubai for the first time. It's a bit of a dream come true for me. While there (I'm staying six days) I will try to seek out "the one", when it comes to oud that is. I was wondering if anyone has some good sugestions.
    I don't like rose, since it turns so sour on me. I would prefer a true quality not to expensive oud without too fecal elements. I am also looking to test a couple of blends, like Amouages Asrar and a couple of Abdul samad and Hind al oud. I would be very grateful to hear some of the ones you like and the ones you think I should try.

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    My suggestion is don't buy any oud until the last day. Try all the oils. Drip some on cotton balls and put them in small ziplock bags. Label them. Ask their lowest price. Note it down. Also let them burn some chips for you. It might be a rare chance for you, and it is a treat. Smell the cotton balls at the hotel.

    Don't skip the "inferior" houses. But skip their spray fragrances. Most of them are very bad.
    Don't buy any oud until the last day!

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    Saropatates' idea is good. Wait till the end of the trip to buy. Because there are a lot of oud types to try in Dubai.
    But I'd avoid the cotton ball theory. Oud interacts with skin much more than perfumes do.
    So try no more than 4 on a given day. Otherwise you'll overwhelm your senses. Dab the oud as far apart logistically as you can. So perhaps one on each area below the fingers (other side of the palm) and another dab near the inside of your elbow.
    8 if you're adventurous and try 4 in the morning and vigorously wash it off int he evening then try another set of 4 at night.
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