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    Default Anyone bought perfumes from or

    Fellow Scandinavian Basenoters: I wonder if it is a good idea to buy from either of these two sites or if I am better of buying from a UK discount site.

    Anyone has any experience with these two online shops? Parfymonline seems to have much lower prices of the two, but there are not many ratings for this company so not sure if I want to take my chances. Any comments would be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Anyone bought perfumes from or

    Haven't ordered from any of those two, but on both websites you can read about their Rights of regret (Ångerrätt) and Complaint (Reklamation).

    I've ordered three times from (YSL Cinema and SJP Lovely) and the perfumes I received did not smell nor look suspicious.

    If you decide to order from or I advice you to be acquainted with the smell of the perfume you've ordered before you receive the order. This enables you to make a complaint (reklamera) instantly (you have to do it within 14 days).

    Good luck with your purchase!

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