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    Default Axe/ Lynx APOLLO Is Back

    This was certainly not one of my favourites, (one reviewer says it's similar to 212 Men and was created by the same perfumeur). I tried it and it seemed to me to be close if not identical to the original release.......but it was so long ago since I last smelled the original !!!
    Now I am really hoping they will bring back the legendary Tempest.

    I know that these simple body sprays and edt's are not in the same league as the true designer brands, but I find some of them interesting in their own right.
    .......and I truly believe that there is one exception, the new reformulated MUSK. I am really plugging this one to bring it to everybody's attention. It's really strange and beautiful stuff. Very linear, but with incredible silliage and longevity. It has little or nothing to do with musk ~ be it dark or white musk. Its sole note is an abstract plasticy, (almost play dough meets barbershop) to my nose definitely edging toward Kouros territory. It's very hypnotic and doesn't tire the nose.
    So good, it could almost be classed as " industrial niche " lol.
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    Default Re: Axe/ Lynx APOLLO Is Back

    I remember this one, good stuff. I wish the new musk was available here in the UK, have not seen it as I liked the old one.

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    Default Re: Axe/ Lynx APOLLO Is Back

    Haven't seen either one of these in the US.
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