The Power of Scent
We all have something that we always remember from our childhoods, it might be a person, a song, a favorite toy, or maybe even a special or unusual scent or smell. Yes, that is correct there always is that special scent that consciously or sub- consciously one does remember.
There are times when we are walking by someplace that we usually walk by on a daily bases and we smell something every day, whether it maybe the flowers in that area, a local restaurant, maybe even the guy with his little food stand that is there all the time, or maybe even grandmaís cooking. These scents maybe polite or impolite but due to the factor that you smell them every day, you build a little bubble in your mind this bubble is triggered with smell. Inside this bubble you rush with the feelings that the scent makes you feel which could be one or many at once. These feelings are the result of what your mind connects to when you smell this particular scent, such as the smell of chocolate to a chocoholic. Letís say one day youíre in a foreign county on a visit and touring it. Now youíre walking down the street next to your hotel to go site seeing nearby. You happen to pass by a restaurant, this restaurant smells just like your grandmaís cooking. What would happen now? It makes you feel at ease and like you are a child again, you leave the stress and worries of your current situation behind and try to take in that smell. It makes you feel at home even in a completely unknown place. Scent has the power to transport one from time and place.
This also happens to happen with smells that you donít like. Letís say one day you have had a bad experience with a car when you were little and had smelled the burning rubber of the carís tires. Now this smell unconsciously has been imprinted in your brain that the smell of burning tires is bad. Now even 20 years later as soon as you smell the tires burn from a driver who has floored the gas paddle just for the fun of it. You get up tight and feel very uncomfortable. Though the smell of burning rubber is not a smell that many people like, but this can even happen with smells that we think everybody likes. Letís say the smell of roses, everybody must like those correct? Not exactly ask someone that has maybe been stung by lots of bees on their face while trying to smell a rose. Now they will be very stressed when they smell a rose even if it is in the freezer at the florists.
Scents and smells have many powerful effects along with your eyes and ears. All of these, your eyes, ears, sense of touch, taste, and your nose are the channels of information to your brain. Your brain roughly process 10 quadrillion instructions per second as modern day scientists say. That is a lot of processing that the brain does in just moments. So you do not have control over what the brain links which experience to which scent.
Hence, when shopping for either perfumes or colognes what is it that you look for in a fragrance, exactly? You look for those scents that you either smelled or wore at the last party that you enjoyed the most. Your brain links that special smell to happiness and joy. So whenever you smell your favorite scent you feel those feeling rush through you. This happens all the time even in those times of intimacy with our partners. These are called pheromones. But this is an entirely different lens.
This phenomenon is also mentioned in the books of Harry Potter by J.K. Rolling, here it is put in the context of Amortentia, the Love Potion. It is said in the book that ďIt has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive, even if the person themselves don't acknowledge or are unaware of their fondness for the object of their affection.Ē Though the book is fiction the thoughts are not.
Scents have the power of changing ones mood drastically. Within split seconds if you were to ask me. I know that it happens to me, one second I am not feeling so good and because of that not hungry, the next second from the smell of something that I love such as freshly baked sweets or spicy Indian food I suddenly become very hungry. These are just a few facts or just one as explained in the above text about scents and smells, but do believe me there are many secrets that fragrances have some of which we are completely unaware. Be sure to read my next lens!
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By, V.D. PerfumeHug, Fragrance Specialist.