I just ran into these at a local store when I had a few minutes to kill before work: West Third Brand Perfume

It says "body spray" but it also says EDT and they seem strong enough that I certainly wouldn't wear them the same way I wear my B&BW! I didn't test them as I did already have perfume on, but I DID give the testers a sniff and most of them smelled LOVELY!!!!! (I didn't care for the vetiver...it was very FRESH, not *necessarily* what I'd call "green" but impressions differ...but it was a really distinct scent and made me go "so THAT's what vetiver smells like!" It gave me a slight headache.)

The Tuberose one smelled awesome, also familiar but I couldn't place it as "tuberose" before. Smelled very "old"...I thought "Old West Lady" but maybe the labeling had an affect on my impression. Not something I think I'd wear on a daily basis but I might change my mind on that if I actually test it out.

I also really liked Saint Patron.

The store doesn't carry the whole line, but I was very impressed with what I did find. I didn't happen to notice the price, so I don't know what they go for.

Has anyone tried them? I'm tempted....

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The Tobacco one smelled awesome too, very much like pipe tobacco with a little bit of something else added. REALLY realistic (my grandpap used to smoke a pipe so I definitely know what that smells like!) I loved it but wasn't sure I'd want to smell like that.