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    Default Oriental versus spicy

    What seems to be the major difference between these two scent families? What are some good, common examples of spicy?

    I own Opium PH, and I have sampled Spicebomb: I like them both quite a bit. I would hate to think theres something I am missing.

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    Default Re: Oriental versus spicy

    A lot of them seem to overlap IMO.

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    Default Re: Oriental versus spicy

    Actually spicy is a sub category as well as Ambery of Oriental. An example of spicy would be Egoiste from Chanel and a Ambery scent would be Habit Rouge from Guerlain. Therefore, they are both true orientals.
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    Default Re: Oriental versus spicy

    Spicebomb as said elsewhere, is not very spicey.
    I would say some of the power-frags are spicey without being oriental. Here's a couple cheap testers for ya.
    Oriental: old spice
    Spicey: azzaro ph

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