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    Smile The Big Smell

    Iím the CEO of a charity in Angel, Islington, called Claremont ( We work with 700+ older people from all around London, but especially Islington, and provide a spectrum of services, from the arts through to psychotherapies. Weíre an unusual charity and community and our members come from all walks of life and backgrounds; many have been through losses and great loneliness.

    Iíve been a quiet Basenoter for quite a while now and recently saw the opportunity to put together an olfactory project combining arts and science, which I'm calling ďThe Big SmellĒ. The project would have a variety of elements, including talks/discussions, as well as a variety of sci-arts-based responses to the topic (memory and association, mood, manipulation, seduction, spirituality, advertising, etc). The idea is to educate, excite, stimulate and provoke an interest in the science of smell and the issues surrounding it. Why do some things smell nice and others horrible? Should the EU ban certain ingredients? Should we be more aware of how someone smells? Etc. The project will launch sometime next year and run for 12 weeks (maybe more). It will be based mostly at our large building in Angel, Islington.

    It would be especially helpful to our funding request to have someone named in it who is a scientist in the field, so Iím hoping that someone out there in London and environs might be willing to advise me a little (one meeting, either here at Claremont or at your organisation) and be able to give an informal talk at some point to our members. If you would like to be involved, please email me at paul at If you have ideas in connection with the project but donít want to be named in the funding application, Iíd still be very grateful for your ideas and perhaps you might leave a response on this thread?

    With many thanks!
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    Hi Paul,

    Cool project!

    I'm not in the UK but here are some of my UK based colleagues in the field that may be an asset to your project:

    Good luck!

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    Most interested in this but no use to you in a scientist role, however I was a designer in a BC life and there is a realm of possibility for suitable stimulation here.
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    Sounds fascinating, a great project mumsy is practically a scientist with her ridiculously vast array of knowledge!
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