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    Default Article: The Coils Of The Past - An Interview With Fabrice Pellegrin


    I am a four-time Jasmine Award winning fragrance critic, Basenotes contributor and regular columnist for Esprit Magazine and Feelunique. I've also written perfume articles for Sunday Times Style, Grazia, Now Smell This and The Scented Letter, amongst others. My perfume guide, Le Snob: Perfume, is published by Hardie Grant. Click on its title for more info.

    For reviews of new perfume releases and thoughts on all sorts of scent-related matters, please visit or find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Article: The Coils Of The Past - An Interview With Fabrice Pellegrin

    Just caught this Persolaise. Great interview! Thanks.

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    Brilliant interview. Well done.

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    Guest 3


    Nice! So interesting to read what a perfumer has to say about the process and the industry. I ate it up. :-)

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    .. just to add to the praise and to what mnaonbn mentioned; indeed this was a very nice short story not just another interview. Fabrice Pellegrin sounds like a sincere and down to earth person, the kind that is nice to encounter now and then in perfumery. Reading this short story I thought that there were nuances distinguishing a master perfumer from wannabes. I would like to read more stories like this. Thank you Persolaise!

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    I would love to show this to the sales assistants in Diptyque boutiques who insist until they're blue in the face that all their scents are 100% natural. ;)

    Great interview!

    I sense another book coming. Interviews with Perfumers. Off you go!

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    Hi everyone, thanks for all the positive comments. Much appreciated :-)

    Nukapai, I love your idea... but I wonder if many other people would... And as for the Diptyque SAs... maybe you should show them this article next time.

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