Good evening All.

Could I please request some help from the esteemed Basenotes community?

I have been given a bottle of a vintage Playboy after shave spray for men, which I believe dates back to the 1980s as it was part of a job lot of bankrupt stock from a long established shop in the South East of England. The scent was also made in England as seen on the back of the box. It is a surprisingly good fragrance which smells of higher quality than the current line in terms of its ingredients.

My first impressions are that it smells quite reminiscent of Heritage by Guerlain and I'm sure the two share some common notes. The Playboy's top notes evidently contain lemon and bergamot to which last much longer than in Heritage, but it differs in its rich and bright floral heart and smooth leathery base, which is quite distinct and always present. I find Heritage ultimately more green, complex and enjoyable, if restrained. This unnamed Playboy is also very good, with fairly powerful silage and longevity on my skin of over 10 hours.

Some thumbnail pictures are below - I couldn't discern from the box or bottle which of the discontinued older Playboy male fragrances this might be, and would appreciate any help in nailing it. Thanks in advance.