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    Default Floating flakes in L'eau D'Issey pH!!

    I was going through my wardrobe and picked up the bottle of L'eau D'Issey pH Intense and I noticed a brown colored layer at the bottom of the bottle so I shook it a little and as a result a lot of brown colored flakes started floating in the bottle...weird!! I've noticed very small floating particles in many bottles but not such flakes...May be this could be because I haven't used it for a while 9may be over six months or so) but there are many others which don't have any such thing...Scent is still the same and I enjoyed it after so many days but still I'm surprised..!!
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    Default Re: Floating flakes in L'eau D'Issey pH!!

    That doesn't sound good. Seems like something started to solidify and settle at the bottom.

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    Default Re: Floating flakes in L'eau D'Issey pH!!

    Mine has the same thing.
    I also noticed this in new bottles at a store a few weeks ago.......but only in the Intense bottles

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    Default Re: Floating flakes in L'eau D'Issey pH!!

    Chemical reactions happen among the ingredients when they are first mixed, and that's one part of what the maceration period is supposed to be for. To let the formula work around and stabilize for a while, and letting any newly created crystalline chemicals precipitate out so they can be removed before sale. But I suspect that some companies jump the gun and bottle the juice early, and what those flakes/crystals may be are the tail end of those reactions, now happening in the bottle.

    All just a guess of course, but I suspect that might be it.
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