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    Default Le Grand Guide des Parfums on lists a book entitled "Le Grand Guide des Parfums", supposedly authored by me, published by City Editions to be released Jan 3, 2013. I am not aware of its existence. City was at one point considering publishing a French translation of the guide but cancelled the project. I called them and they said the listing was in error. Do not preorder it. annonce un livre intitulé "le Grand Guide des Parfums" dont je serais seul auteur, disponible le 3 janvier 2013 et publié par City. Ce livre m'est inconnu. City avait exploré la possibilité de publier une traduction française du guide des parfums mais le projet avait été abandonné. J'ai appelé City et ils m'ont dit que l'annonce sur Amazon était une erreur. Ne le commandez pas.

    Luca Turin
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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Thank you for the information.

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Yes, thank you. I might have been deceived, as I do sometimes order from

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Thanks Luca. Sorry to hear this. I hope that you don't have a big struggle on your hands.

    While we are here, a big Thank You for the books. Mine are well used, with notes scribbled all over, (agreeing and disagreeing!) and they are fragrant with much handling!

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Thanks for the clarification.

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Thanks Luca, 4 ur & TS' help in regards 2 the '09 index update: I hope Rien's now a member of Basenotes after POL's sad demise..

    Pls also reconsider, if ~ a new edition, an online newsletter updated every holiday season, b/c there is no perfect complement 2 any gift of perfume than ur guide!

    Don't u worry, I'll have to learn French 1st b4 ordering that book
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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Hello Luca Turin - great to hear from you again!
    I am sure there are enough people around the world who would be happy to read your guides (full or select version) in their own language! We hope you and Tania will eventually make that possible for people in France, Germany, Italy, etc.

    It sounds likely that there is a manuscript of 'Le Grand Guide' around somewhere, and I hope
    (1) You'll be able to stop the whole project, of course
    (2) get hold of the manuscript (copy). Revising poor translations is perhaps less time
    consuming than starting from scratch!

    Previous German translations of Perfume Notes in Folio, Zurich, have been perfect! It would be fortunate if you could get the same team to cooperate translating 'The 100 Best' and/or 'The Guide' also. Anyway, wishing you success and holding my thumbs for you, Tania and - Greece!

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Thank you Narcus and thank you all for your kind words ! As far as I know there _is_ a German translation of the 100-perfume guide in preparation. I will let you know when that happens. I agree that Duftnote translator Robin Cackett would be perfect.

    LT [&TS]
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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Thanks Luca. How strange and uncomfortable you must have felt when you saw it on the site for sale.

    Miss your & Tania's reviews!
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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    How very strange.

    Thank you, Mr. Turin, for the information.
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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    ...............Miss your & Tania's reviews!
    Me too.

    Please write a few. :-)

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Thanks for letting us know, Luca.

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Hope this situation resolves itself in a manner that benefits both yourself and the perfume lovers in France.

    However, it does sound like someone, somewhere, is jumping the gun as far as their preconceptions are concerned.

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Hi, Luca! I look forward to the revised English edition when you "see the light" on Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree!

    Seriously, though, I haven't had a book that has been thumbed through over and over and over again like your and Tania's book since I was a kid and owned "The Guide To Middle Earth" while reading "The Silmarilliion".

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    Default Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    The German edition of the small guide is scheduled for release on Feb 14, 2013

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