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    Default Mitsouko Drydown

    Hey guys. There's probably been threads on this before, but do any of you know what Mitsouko used to smell like in its drydown? I'm wearing the currents extrait, and it smells mostly of cistus. I thought this recent reformulation by Edouard Flecher was supposed to preserve the mossiness )(despite oakmoss's removal).

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    Default Re: Mitsouko Drydown

    With my EDP, I do get a lot of vetiver in the dry down.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko Drydown

    'mossy' with vintage Mitsouko. But after IFRA current formulations have to make do with labdanum / cistus which is about as close as they can get. Unfortunately for Mitsouko afficionados, not close enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by volley2 View Post
    With my EDP, I do get a lot of vetiver in the dry down.
    Yes, that's right.

    I don't find the vintage PdT to be very different from the current extrait, but I am no Mitsouko connoisseur.

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