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    Default Bond No9 New York Musk

    Just received a nice size sample of this from Bond No 9 out of the blue today. Has anyone tried this? I didn't see it in the database.

    Anyway when I tried this, it was very different than I was expecting. It is a very sweet musk, I can't really place the notes yet but it somewhat reminds me of Silver Mountain Water at the same time. This is all just off one test and still on the top notes. The more it dries down the more musk I am getting though. Probably will dry down to a close to the skin musk scent is my guess.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Not in the database, probably because it was just released.

    Everything that I have read or heard so far, tends to have this fragrance leaning as a feminine Musk. I will probably be testing this weekend.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    I sampled this and did not care for this at all..... I will pass on this Bond!

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    I recieved my sample today from Bond too... i think it's like 10 ml... a very good size... i have a cold today, so i cant smell much... smells kind of like bond ny amber to me now, but will have to re-try it when my cold goes away...
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Smelled it at Saks and my first impression was good...liked it more than the Amber.
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Quote Originally Posted by G.303 View Post
    I sampled this and did not care for this at all..... I will pass on this Bond!

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    I can't decide on this one. I first smelled it about 1 1/2 months ago because they had a sample and let me try it even though they probably weren't suppose to. I liked it a lot then, but now I don't really know how I feel about it. You have to try it on your skin. I had just smelled it on paper up until yesterday. On my skin the musk comes out with a vengeance for about 2 hours, and then it settles down and is quite nice. I feel like it might be a little too feminine for my tastes. It does have a good fruitiness to it, but during that muskiness, it's quite a background player until it settles. I have to test it out a little more to make my final vertict. It is different for a Bond offering.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    This one is growing on me. When I smelled it in the store on paper, I was struck immediately by how different it was. I was happy to get a sample in the mail, too. And after wearing it for a couple of days, I'm starting to get a grasp on it.

    The green bottle is no lie. That was what was jumping out at me - the green stuff. It's supposedly galbanum, which makes sense, but it's not typical, IMO. It's a very shiny, non-vegetal green.

    The musk is just borderline skanky to my nose - nothing scary at all. Very clean-smelling without seeming soapy - a good job with the musk.

    The thing it reminds me of is the Bond no.9 Signature Perfume. It's a bit like that, with green stuff and musk instead of the light oud.

    The official notes list grapefruit flower, and when I sniff closely, I sense something similar to the sweet/tart/fruity scent called "Grapefruit Flower" that Carlos Benaïm developed as a concept fragrance for IFF. And which, I have to say, is a great scent. That characteristic lasts well into the drydown of this fragrance.

    This is very wearable for me. I'm just not sure whether I like this better than Manhattan, which is my new favorite Bond. This one could steal first chair from Manhattan.

    PS - it's a bit "Christmas" too. Hard to explain, but there is some odd aspect of it that reminds me of Christmas. It may be some coniferous facet. Whatever it is, it's very pleasant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightowl View Post
    Smelled it at Saks and my first impression was good...liked it more than the Amber.
    Yes - same here. For me, the NY Oud and NY Amber show a steady decrease in the amount of oud - and I am SO over oud. This seems to have even less oud than the Signature Perfume - exactly where I would like it.

    PS - good to see you, knightowl!
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    just got the sample today from Bond. Will sample this weekend.
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Got it yesterday. Found it a very heady, fruity, feminine musk. Very strong (typical Bond EdP) and intense. I didn't get any galbanum from my sample strip. Would never try it on my skin . . . not up my alley at all.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Got the large sample and I really like it. Very good and zesty.
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    At first sniff I was reminded of silver mountain water as well. My wife opened the sample I got today and she says it reminds her a bit of Christmas just like another poster mentioned which I get as well. I am enjoying this one so far.

    So first wear was today and I get a Christmasy Silver Mountain Water with the musk ratcheted up a few notches. Stays close doesn't blast off my skin the way silver mountain water does.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    I received a travel size in the mail today (maybe 7.5ml). It also reminds me of ny amber and not too much like musk. I opened it at my parents house and it didn't list any gender specifics, but I think it's unisex, bordering on slightly feminine. My mother said it smells like a male fragrance. I'd wear it either way.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    I recieved mine in the mail and I also thought it was like a light version of ny amber.
    Nice but definately not on my wish list .
    I did like the bond no.9 manhattan sent a while back
    Really nice plum note

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    I got a travel sized sample from Bond a few days ago too. I have worn it now for two days and this is one sweet fragrance. If it is musk it is a very sweet one. I don't get any raunchy musk in this one. Unisex? Perhaps. But to my nose it swings toward the feminine side...not that this quality bothers me. Not sure I would buy this one but it is nice enough and I will continue to wear it until it is gone. Sillage is rather close. I got no comments on it and people at work always say something if they smell a fragrance. I could smell it but no comments from others. Lasting power is a little weaker than other Bonds but it still lasts for a good 5 hours, maybe more... Nice for the right person but that person may not be me.
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Was given a sample of this last night, and didn't like it at all. All I smelled was an indistinct fruity blob. Pass.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    After an all-day wear yesterday (including a reapplication for church last night), I was not overly impressed. Smells pleasant enough, and manly enough, but not that great. Light blend of SMW and NY Amber. I have too many others that are much better.
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Smells much like Agar musk from Ramon monegal. It's weaker and the agar fades fast and it gets a bit floral.

    Totally different on drydown sweet floral and musky wood, monegal stays potent with the Agar and Musk all day,
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    A very nice large sample in the mail. Sure would love it if more fragrance houses extended this gracious gesture.

    And the scent is quite nice. The sparkling grapefruit notes remind me of Creed Royal Water. The whole effect is well-blended and expensive-smelling, like the scent of a nice department store. A bit on the sweet side, but I have a feeling I'll be road testing this soon. Lovely stuff.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    I get a lot of compliments on this one. Last week a woman walked into the room where I was sitting and said, "It's smells SO good in here." I like to ask people what they think my fragrances smell like to them, so I said, "What does it smell like to you." And she said "It smells like a man, very sexy."
    I love this one, and was surprised that it was as fresh as it was at the opening. I splurged on the 100 ml bottle, because I know I'll enjoy wearing it year round.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    was a little too powdery on me.... but on my wife.. WOWEE... it came alive on her skin, wonderful!!

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Any other opinions?
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    All vetiver and grapefruit/citrus on the long dry down in my opinion, I wouldn't purchase this personally, but only in a samples size.

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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    Just got this and three other Bond samples sent to me out of the blue from Nordstrom. I was totally surprised to open a package from them containing samples of Manhattan, NY Musk, NY Amber, Lexington Ave and a hand written note. How cool is that?! Anyhow, just tried on the NY Musk, at first I got a blast of soapy musk, then some tart citrus and powder, but the powder seems to come and go, it's not a constant. There's also some sweetness lurking around that I'm not sure what to attribute it to. This is reminding me how much I like Nasomatto's Silver Musk which in turn is reminding me to get me some Bvgalri PH Extreme.
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    Default Re: Bond No9 New York Musk

    I only own two bottles of Bn9 fragrances--NY Amber and NY Musk. I love it...And I always say that I hate Musk!! This musk is different, and It is definitely not feminine, but unisex. I don't smell "powder" or "fruit" at all, except virtually all Bn9's have this strange artificial grape/plum note hiding in most of their fragrances...NY Amber and NY Musk just hide it better.

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